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Why We Like Auctions

An auction gives all participants equal access to the transaction. Other "brokered" transactions may hide the pricing from one or the other side of the transaction.

How Long Does It Take?

Typically, items are listed for 3 days with %99.97 selling during the first listing. Although items sell quickly the process to clear the trade, collecting the required paperwork from all parties and submitting them for transfer, maybe take up to 5 weeks.

What Happens To The Money?

Upon the close of a successful auction, one in which the bidding has reached or surpassed the reserve price, the buyer deposits funds into a 3rd party escrow account. The funds remain in the escrow account until written notification is received from the sponsor and/or the sponsor's transfer agent that the shares have been transferred. Funds are then dispersed to the seller or the sellers's custodian depending on how the shares were previously held.

What Have You Sold?

You can see a complete list of items that have sold at auction and at what prices by registering here. Our auctions include all public non-traded REITs and publicly registered Limited Partnerships. Off auction listing include private Limited Partnerships, Securitized Regulation D (Reg D) offerings,Private Placement offerings, Energy Tax Credits, Private Equity offerings as well as many other illiquid real estate investments.

Here is a short list of items sold both on and off the auction.

What Happens To Dividends?

Typically all dividends are paid to the new owners based on the date the item is listed on the auction. All dividend payments will be settled when the transaction is complete and proceeds are disbursed from escrow

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